3d front cover of All in the Same Boat
By Wilkie J. Martin
Illustrated by Tanja Russita

All In The Same Boat

Disquieting New Modern Day Brothers Grimm Style Fable for Kids About Greed Featuring a Rat, a Mouse, a Gerbil and a Shark.

An allegorical tale on climate change and the over use of available resources by the powerful at the expense of the weak and vulnerable.

Contains 33 beautiful watercolour illustrations with text in a dyslexia friendly font.

A cautionary new fable for ages 7-11.


An emotional illustrated tale of the aftermath of a shipwreck in which greedy Rat threatens the lives of his smaller companions as they drift in a lifeboat amid shark-infested waters.

Follow their dramatic voyage to find out what happens to them and who survives.

If your kids like the original tales of the Brothers Grimm and Aesop, they’ll enjoy this dyslexia friendly edition.

Backcover of ALl in the Same Boat
Audiobook cover All in the Same |Boat

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